Message to Retailers & Wholesalers from the Founder 2017-05-23T11:56:56+00:00

Message to Retailers & Wholesalers from the Founder

Thank you for showing interest in our Product. The inspiration for Product ‘SaFe Banian’ comes from a real incident. Once my Father, a Senior Citizen lost his cash, purse etc. while he was travelling in one of the Long distance trains in INDIA. The incident affected my Dad deeply and he was stressed and experienced pain for many days. My dad insisted me that we have to solve this problem and asked me to come up with a product. (You can read the rest of the story on our website

When we did some research I found out that in India during travelling especially by long distance trains & buses, lot of theft is reported day in & day out. We hear all kinds of storied wherein passengers travelling lost purse, cash, precious jewellery, valuable ATM/credit cards and sometimes even their whole luggage bags.

So to provide safety, security, comfort & peace of mind to the people travelling in India, we have developed and designed this Product. The simple yet innovative invention of SAFE Banian comes with a zipper facility wherein the people can safely secure their valuable belongings such as purse, cash, Jewellery, ATM/credit cards and Smartphones etc. In short, the customer can secure anything in his zipper pockets that is valuable to him. Many people fall asleep during long distance journeys both in trains and buses, so If we think deeply the best place to secure, and store anything that is valuable to keep it to oneself / very near to your body.

So the Invention of SAFE Banian will be the best solution to save thousands of people from losing their valuable belongings especially during travelling. The main objective is to provide safety and security of one’s valuable belongings for people travelling in India.

Apart from this major benefit of the SaFe Banian, we have discovered number of other advantages & uses of our SaFe Banian by the customers who used our product in the initial stage / trial run. We have mentioned many advantages in our website. For more information, please visit our site SaFeBanian.Com.

Also day in day out we read all kinds of stories how burglars are killing people especially women for jewellery, gold & chains around their neck. There are Burglar Gangs all over India; one such gang I could recollect is BIKE Gangs wherein the burglars just snatch the chains from women & sometimes even killing the girls / women in this process.

In order to protect their valuable jewellery, women if accompanied by their husband, brother, father, son, uncle etc., they can easily hand over the valuable jewellery to them and the Men can easily protect the jewellery in any of the zipper pockets provided by SaFe Banians. If the jewellery is safely secured and stored in the zipper pockets, the women won’t grab the attention of thieves / burglars especially while travelling & they can avoid attention even while casually walking in the streets.

So by using SAFE Banian, women can easily protect their valuable jewellery with the help of their Male counterparts while travelling, and the Invention can literally save their LIVES.

By keeping our Product in your Retail Shop, you have the power to create difference in people day to day lives. Only with your help, we can reach to all the people in INDIA.

We sincerely request you to explain the Benefits, Advantage & Best uses of our SaFe banian to the customers, so that the customers will take well educated decision. And for customers we are providing a choice, an alternative to make positive difference in their day to day lives.

In this way, even if you (Retailer) can save few people from the mental agony, depression, stress, anxiety, tension and subsequent health problems because of losing their valuable belongings during travelling, then you shall receive GOOD Karma.

And by keeping our product and selling to customers through your Retail SHOP, even if you can save one person LIFE (especially women who can easily protect the jewellery with the help of their male counterparts), this will make HUGE IMPACT and make positive difference in your LIFE.

And even in today’s world, the GOOD KARMA will come back to you and will help you & your family.

Only with your help, the main purpose of launching this product will be served and our mission of protecting people valuable belongings will be achieved.

Thank you for your interest and keeping the inventory of our product SaFe Banian in your Retail Shop.

We are listening & highly value your feedback. Please share your positive reviews, anything that we can improve upon at

If you really like our product, please spread the word about ‘Safe Banian’.

Thank you, always at your service.



Founder & CEO