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Message to Customers from the Founder

Thank you for your interest & purchasing our product SaFe Banian – Cotton Vest with the Zipper Pockets.

The Product was designed after extensive market / field research with many people participating in the design, testing & development stage. Our intention was to find the solution to the common problem ‘Fear of Losing your valuable belongings’ that we face when we are travelling day in & day out.

The Product can save you from mental agony, depression, stress, anxiety, tension and subsequent health problems that arise because of losing your valuable belongings during travelling.

So to provide safety, security, comfort & peace of mind to the people travelling in India, we have developed and designed this Product. The simple yet innovative invention SAFE Banian comes with a zipper facility wherein the people can safely secure their valuable belongings such as purse, cash, Jewellery, ATM/credit cards and Smartphones etc. In short, one can secure anything in his zipper pockets that is valuable.

Many of the advantages, best uses & benefits that you read on the site are actually shared by our initial customers who participated in the trial run. Please visit our website for more information.

We will promise you one thing from our side.

We have 24 Hours Return Promise as part of 100% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed program.

If you still have any problems with respect to quality of the banian, size mismatch, price difference and any other issues, this is my humble & sincere request to mail me all your issues at

I will make sure that your email will be replied within 24-72 hours. And I will make sure that we find a solution to your problem at the earliest.

If you are using SaFe Banian in an innovative way, please share with us so that we will publish the usage on our website, then everyone who use the product will benefit from your feedback.

We are listening and highly value your feedback. Please share your positive reviews, anything that we can improve about the Product at

If you really like our product, please spread the word about the product ‘Safe Banian.’

Our Company is always at your service.

Best Regards


Founder & CEO