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Background of the Invention

Every product has a STORY on how it was developed and here is the story of the product ‘SAFE Banian’ & how it was designed & developed.


Every product has a STORY on how it was developed and here is the story of the product ‘SAFE Banian’ & how it was designed & developed.

My father, a senior citizen was travelling to Mumbai by long distance train in SL class. As usual he slept at night in his berth (Upper berth) and when we woke up, he couldn’t locate his purse and bag. He was carrying a small bag that had his clothes and some MISC items. Thankfully, there were no valuable things in the bag. But he lost all his cash and cards that he had with him. But he could locate his phone as he kept the mobile phone very near to him and the phone slipped under his shirt and most probably the thief couldn’t locate his phone.

The incident had affected my Dad deeply; he took care of his belongings very well and travelled by trains multiple times. And then he started talking with many people that he knows and many people had same or similar stories and everyone had this ‘Fear of losing ones’ valuable belongings during travelling’.

Imagine, with a population of 1.2 billion in India, how many thousands of people are losing their valuable belongings day in and day out. When we spoke to people as part of our research, some people lose their belongings while travelling by long distance trains, some people lose their belongings while travelling in Local trains, especially Mumbai Locals (World famous for Peak / heavy overcrowding) and some people said they lost their belongings while travelling by long distance bus journey and daily bus travel as well.

My dad insisted me that we have to solve this problem and asked me to come up with a product. The Product should be available to everyone in India & it should easily enable them to protect their valuable belongings. He was determined. He was deeply pained and disturbed by the incident. At least he could save the phone so he could call my uncle and reached his destination safely. But what about thousands of other people who lose everything while travelling and just imagine their struggle to reach their destination.

In our research we have found that people experienced mental agony, depression, stress, anxiety, tension and subsequent health problems because of losing their valuable belongings during travelling.

So I took it as a challenge, I looked in the market but couldn’t find any decent product. There has to be a product, a better way, where we can store and protect the valuable belongings of people especially while travelling or in general. So I started thinking and looking at existing products and I couldn’t find anything innovative enough to be used while traveling.

I have designed few products, modified existing designs but I was not happy with the quality and final price range of the product. We spoke to hundreds of people if not thousands for the feedback and no one is ready to purchase another bag, another innovative apparel product that we have designed.  And for most people affordability of the product was important apart from quality. And very few people are ready to try completely new product. So we started thinking of modifying existing products.

And in our discussion, many people have agreed that the best place to keep one’s valuable belongings is to keep the stuff to self / near to your body. Or best of all very near to our body. So when some thief / burglar try to steal something from us, he has to use force and find the stuff near to our body instead of bags. This way even if we were attacked, we will be alert, vigilant and ready to protect our valuable belongings from burglars. We can easily raise the alarm when we are attacked.

When we were thinking of existing products, we thought of many products but one product that was instantly loved by all of us was Banian/ Cotton Vest. Almost all of the people in India (Male) wear Banian daily to protect from sweating and keep our outer wear/clothes clean.

So we decided to modify the BANIAN and finally we could design the BANIAN with the zipper pockets. And we took our trial pieces to people on streets, at Bus stops, at Railway stations etc., we got some amazing response. They felt elated and saw how easy it’s to protect / save our valuable belongings with this banian. Almost everyone we spoke to wanted one as soon as possible.

Our next target was to find the manufacturers for this design. We have protected our design based on its novelty & patented the design at Indian Patent office. After some searching, we finally found the manufacturer who was equally excited with this product and agreed to manufacture the product.

When we were developing the final product, we strongly advised the manufacturer to keep the cost low so that it’s available and affordable to everyone. We were very clear that the cost of the product shouldn’t be very high, so it took us some time to finally get the product into the market.

Now that we are ready to launch, we already got some great response from our initial customers who used initial trial pieces and suggested some improvements on the product. We highly appreciate all the people involved in developing the product for their valuable feedback.

Buy the Product that was designed and developed for you, and experience safety, security, comfort and peace of mind while travelling.

So the Invention of SAFE Banian will be the best solution to save thousands of people from losing their valuable belongings especially during travelling. The main objective is to provide safety and security of one’s valuable belongings for people travelling in India.

Apart from its Core benefits of securing one’s valuable belongings while travelling, our initial users also used SAFE Banian for following, during running, gym (listening to Music), while driving your bike, while watching movie with your family and friends, (As Many people / customers feel that carrying Purse in your back pocket is a pain in your back), while eating food in a restaurant, Lorry / truck drivers, Auto, Taxi / Cab drivers love our product, Parents love our product as Kids are enjoying our product along with the Safety, Businessmen handling cash, Gold/Diamond merchants love our product as well. So a simple product like SaFe Banian has wide range usage / multiple uses & is loved by one & all.

So this is the story of the product SaFe BANIAN.

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